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Blessing Prayer for Father’s Day*

ImageBlessed are You, Lord and Father of All Life, who has given to us the gift of the father of our family.

Today, we honor him, and we thank You for the numerous good things that are ours because of him.

His love for us has been a sign of Your divine affection and a sharing if Your holy love.

His continuous concern for our needs and welfare is a mirror of Your holy providence.

And so, as we honor him, we praise You, Father of All Peoples.

Bless him this day with Your strength and holy power that he may continue to be a sign of You, our God, and a priestly parent to our family.

May we who have the honor of bearing his family name do so with great pride.

May we, the members of his family, assist him in his holy duties as a parent with our respect, our obedience, and our deep affection.

Bless him, Lord, with happiness and good health, with peace and with good fortune, so that he who has shared of his very life, may live forever with You, his God and heavenly Father.

This blessing and all graces, we pray, descent upon the father of our family: in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. AMEN.




nb. Family members may give a kiss or other signs of affection to the father.

*This blessing could be given by the eldest chile or by the mother of the family.

Source: E. Hays. 1979. Prayers for the domestic church: A handbook for worship in the home. Easton, Kansas, USA. Forest of Peace Books, Inc.



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